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released September 23, 2016


Kelvin Silva - Vocals/guitar
Brandon Downton - Bass
Nestor Mature - Drums

Brain Habits

Nolan Beauregard - Vocals/guitar
Jared Stallker - Vocals/drums

Produced by John Dello Iacano and Newfield/Brain Habits, respectively

Engineered/edited/mixed/mastered by John Dello Iacano @ Bridge East Studios

Artwork by Julie Locke



all rights reserved


Newfield plymouth, Massachusetts

East Coast | Emo

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Track Name: Newfield - Not Feeling it
Life gets taken for granted
Theres more to life empty handed
I want to find some peace in mind
It's hard to comprehend
I'm dealt with an unending burden
Underserving of love, I'm underserving of love

It's a feeling that I can't change
It wraps around me and it won't let go
Lost and abused
I can't do this on my own

Unenthused, unamused by the sight of everything
Annoyed and repulsed
Bipolar regions, unbalanced seasons
The winter froze my heart

Keep it a secret, keep it hidden locked in
For no one to find
Darkest secrets
Forgotten, locked in the hole inside my mind

Settle just for basic, send me in a spaceship
Wait I'm not feeling it, this life I'm not feeling it anymore
Track Name: Newfield - Creepling Depression
There's always an excuse to get away from you
It's not about trying, it's always bad timing

Constantly, tiring to feel the way I always do
I've tried to cope, bad habits and jokes
Creeping behind me its so surreal how you find me sitting on my own
Heart breaking, I'm failing

I don't know what I'm doing with my life, wake up at 5
Then stay awake all night

On the last days of my life, I'll probably regret sitting around
Not feeling alive
A dissapointment in my mothers eyes
I won't forget the night where you cried
I won't forget
It's hard to pick it up when everything falls apart
What do you do when you are broken from the start?

I'm overthinking, I'm over feeling like I'm sinking
Inside my mind, It's unapealing
Track Name: Brain habits - Space Case
I've been spending too much time inside my head
I gotta get out and live again
There's an impending doom a cloud that looms
It's over everything I do in my life

I always fade in fade out can never tell what's up from down
I'm in my head
I'm never listening

I've been spending too much time inside my head
I gotta get out and live again
There's an impending doom a cloud that looms
It's over everything I do

Stay in my head
Track Name: Brain Habits - Basement Creature
You judge the world from inside
I'll burn that basement where you hide
So cold and gray behind those eyes
So who the fuck are you to criticize?

Your silence echoes down every single hall
Keep running from yourself but you won't get very far
I watched your world burn down in the flames when you struck that match you that you knew you couldn't tame